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Arrakis Offers Update to DARC Virtual

Added features and a new pricing structure

Arrakis Systems says DARC Virtual 4.1 is a significant update to its software console.

“DARC Virtual has a new pricing structure,” it stated. “Purchase the number of faders that you want; this gives the customer flexibility to choose the size of their console to fit their budget.” There are four virtual versions ranging in price from $500 for the four-channel to $1,200 for the 16-channel.

Also, “You can now dynamically select your source inputs. You’re able to utilize up to 64 source inputs, and switch between any of them on the fly. You can also create user profiles that have different source inputs assigned, which gives the user a quick and efficient way for switching between sources.”

DARC Virtual works with the Dante AoIP protocol but will now work with any ASIO USB soundcard device. 

“For example, DARC Virtual will now work with devices such as the Focusrite Scarlett, Behringer UMC or the Tascam USB audio interfaces. This will be great for ultra-affordable software console solutions.”

DARC Virtual 4.1 also has added six mix minus busses, for a total of eight.