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Comrex Continues With Access Codec Spinoffs

MultiRack puts five independent codecs into a single box

Comrex Access MultiRackCodec maker Comrex has a new member for the Access codec family, Access MultiRack.

According to the company, Access MultiRack packs five independent full-duplex IP audio codecs packed into a single 1 RU box.

[Comrex Takes NX to the Rack]

The first onboard codec features AES67 in addition to AES3 and standard analog I/O while the other four codecs all utilize AES67 I/O. MultiRack also supports a wide array of connection protocols and audio encoders, according to the company. It is EBU 3326-compatible for operating with codecs from other manufacturers.

It’s driven via a new HTML5-based web user interface.

And it features Comrex’s CrossLock dual-feed IP network feed surety technology and HotSwap backup scheme.

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