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DASDEC Users, Update Your IPAWS Certificates

Digital Alert Systems reminders users of its EAS gear of a pending deadline

Digital Alert Systems, DASDECDigital Alert Systems is reminding users of DASDEC and OneNet EAS devices to update their IPAWS digital certificates.

“As you probably know, an IPAWS digital certificate expires on 21 August 2021. It is urgent that EAS Participants update their IPAWS digital certificates by or before that date,” wrote the company’s Edward Czarnecki.

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“For DASDECs, we have an updated IPAWS digital certificate bundle that is now available and downloadable. There is no charge for this certificate update.”

If you don’t upload it by Aug. 21, CAP alerts from FEMA will not properly validate and will be rejected.

The certificate bundle can be applied to Version 3 or Version 4 software.

“If you are still running Version 3 software, the NPT test will be properly processed, however we still recommend you consider upgrading to V4 software,” Czarnecki said, noting that V3.0 was issued five years ago. Version 4 includes a completely upgraded operating system, plus numerous security, functional, and regulatory updates.

Sage Alerting Systems issued a similar notice recently, as we’ve reported.