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Logitek Adds Dante Module Option to Jet67 Engine

Digital network expands options for Logitek digital console owners

Logitek, Jet67Logitek has added Dante digital networking as an option for its Jet67 multiformat AoIP engine.

Designed for radio applications, the company says that the Jet67 provides an option for broadcasters who need access to various forms of audio networking at an affordable price.

It carries onboard AES67, Ravenna, Livewire and Logitek JetNet networking to enable interconnectivity with most other equipment in the studio. Stations that also operate Dante-enabled equipment can also communicate with the Jet67.

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The power behind Logitek’s new mixIT touchscreen consoles, the 1 RU Jet67 provides multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs, mic inputs with phantom power, multiple mix-minus buses, and EQ/dynamics control along with routing functions. Logitek’s advanced touchscreen console, Helix, may also be operated with JET67 although some features such profanity delays are not available.

Logitek President Tag Borland said, “We designed Jet67 to take care of everything a small- to medium-market radio broadcaster will need, with no hidden surprises in the equipment costs. Other budget-minded mixing and routing engines require the purchase of external microphone processors, dynamics processing or even networking options. Jet67 has all of these and when paired with the mixIT surface, brings a highly versatile touchscreen console to even the smallest operation.”