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Instreamatic Applies Voice AI to Ad Creative

Says advertisers can generate customized content that’s sensitive to the listener’s context

It seems like every day brings another example of how generative AI can change familiar radio and audio workflows.

Here’s one from a company called Instreamatic. It has introduced Contextual Audio Ads, putting generative AI to work in creating customized audio ads. Among the market sectors it’s targeting are podcasting and online radio streaming.

Instreamatic says advertisers can use its tool to generate ad content relevant to a listener’s specific context and environment, and do it at scale. A client might take a single original audio ad but use the Voice AI capabilities to create many, many versions that are suitable to listeners in a variety of contexts.

The sort of details that can vary across these ads include the listener’s location, time of day, the name or type of app or platform they’re using, the activity they’re engaging in and specifics like current weather.

It gave an example in which an ad to a particular listener might start, “Hope you’re enjoying your podcast on this rainy morning in Chicago. I just wanted to quickly let you know about an incredible sale today.” 

It posted an example of how it works.

A promotional graphic on the Instreamatic website

Instreamatic emphasizes the engagement benefits of this. It says the digital advertising industry “faces declining engagement rates across ad types, as consumers show increased screen fatigue and resistance to generalized advertising that relies on bombarding audiences with ad quantity to earn conversions.”

And it highlights how many ads can be created.

“Consider a traditional 30-second audio ad spot: A hired voice actor might record a few ad copy variations, at most, but not enough for the listener to be particularly surprised, or to necessarily capture their attention. Contextual Audio Ads are capable of enhancing that traditional ad content by using generative AI to synthesize the same actor’s voice and automatically generate hundreds or thousands of ad variations across a single campaign.”

The company said its software works with demand-side platforms and ad servers supporting VAST tags for scalability. “Publishers can also leverage the Instreamatic ad network to reach more than 6 billion audio impressions globally at no platform cost: Technical costs are included in media spend when publishing within network.”

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