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ISS Offers Radio for Events, Emergencies and STAs

EventCast puts an AM signal on the air quickly

Information Stations Specialists highlights its EventCast Portable Radio Systems for situations where a station needs to light up an AM signal quickly due to a facility problem, maintain an STA or broadcast local event traffic or parking info. 

They are also suitable for situations when an emergency is imminent, to et on the air in short order to inform motorists regarding safety procedures and status.

 The portable 10-watt transmitter and antenna systems deliver a 3- to 5-mile daytime signal radius and can operate variously under Part 73 or Part 90 (TIS) licenses. 

The system includes a program mixer for live feeds and a USB-based audio system for easy program repetition. 

Information Station Specialists says units are “kept hot and ready to ship on a moment’s notice.” 

Users of EventCAST systems include radio broadcast companies, departments of public safety, health and emergency management and state departments of transportation. The company can help with TIS licensing when the application is for public safety.

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