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KRK Expands Headphones Line

KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 have field-replaceable parts

KRK, KNS 6402, audio headphonesSpeaker maker KRK, known for those yellow woofers, is expanding its headphones line with the KNS 6402 (shown) and KNS 8402.

Both models are of the closed back, circumaural design. Earpads, headpads and cable are replaceable. The KNS8402 has an inline volume control. Both ship with, adapter, soft bag and anti-microbial cleaning cloth.

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According to KRK, the KNS 6402 ($99) has acoustic cellular foam pads and provides up to 26 dBA of isolation with a 122 dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 10 Hz–22 kHz. The KNS 8402 ($149) features memory foam pads with premium leatherette covers for greater comfort during long hours of listening and work. The KNS 8402 headphones provide up to 30 dBA of isolation to block out even more external noise and feature a slightly higher SPL with a 124 dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 5 Hz–23 kHz.

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