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Lawo Ends Production of Its DALLIS Platform

The I/O product line had a 20-year run

Lawo has announced the end of production of its DALLIS modular I/O system and related cards and components.

“Lawo AG presented the DALLIS platform to the public for the first time in 2002,” the company wrote in an email to customers.

“Since then, the DALLIS interface was Lawo’s highly respected primary I/O system due to its flexibility, modularity and quality. Over the years, DALLIS frames interfaced to Lawo audio products via three different backbone technologies, ATM, MADI and Ravenna, and has supported almost 90 different I/O card options.”

With the introduction of the A_UHD Core Phase 2 architecture in late 2020, DALLIS approached the end of its life as an I/O device.

“For existing mc2, Radio and Routing installations that utilize DALLIS, there is a last-time buy window until June 30, 2022,” the company continued.

“Lawo’s service team will continue to support all DALLIS installations based on the final software release for each of the various products using DALLIS.” It noted that “due to increasing complexity in supply chain,” its support team will only be able to service DALLIS with components still in stock. “Supplies of replacement components will be limited to stock on hand. Limited numbers of products for replacement might also be available until end of stock.”

DALLIS stood for “Digital And Line Level Interface System.”

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