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Lawo Releases Radio V6.6

New system software adds features to radio hardware

Lawo, Radio softwareLawo’s Radio software V6.6 adds a new licensing package for the Lawo Power Core Edge digital processor/mixing engine/router. A release explains: “provides an entry-level configuration designed specifically for deployment as a high-capacity audio gateway, where mixing surface control is not required. It’s perfect for NOC and TOC installations where plenty of audio ingest is needed, or for large-scale conversion of legacy baseband signals to AES67 networking.”

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Additional upgrades include improved Ravenna/AES67 stream locking; integration of de-essing and automix functions within main tool set; and Power Core support new AES-id I/O card.

Lawo Senior Product Manager, Radio, Johan Boqvist said, “This upgrade gives users new tools to tailor their Lawo radio equipment to meet their unique on-air and production workflows. And they will benefit not only radio clients, but TV production and audio infrastructure users as well.”

Lawo says that Radio software V6.6 is compatible with al Lawo radio products.