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Marketron Releases Integration Suite

Aim is to integrate disparate inputs and data into a single business ecosystem for a broadcaster

MarketronBroadcast business software developer Marketron has released the Integration Suite.

The company says the suite “leverages open APIs, connectors, and custom integrations to give Marketron customers the ability to consolidate disparate data sources — including linear, O&O, and third-party digital advertising systems — into a single ecosystem.” Accordingly that should help, “users to reduce bottlenecks, realize greater visibility, and drive increased revenue.”

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The suite consists of three modules, open APIs, connectors and custom integrations.

The open APIs provide for industry standard interfacing between systems. The connectors are step further with some customization providing access to common customizations of business software systems.

The final leg is the customization option wherein Marketron will work with a client on specific requirements, especially concerning nonstandard customized business systems which prevent compatibility with off-the-shelf systems.

Marketron Senior Vice President of Product Development Jimshade Chaudhari said, “The Marketron Integration Suite enables our customers to save time by automating daily tasks, bringing digital and linear orders into one system and accessing better reports all while building a best-in-breed technology stack.”

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