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Nautel Acquires LookingGlass

Specialized FM spectrum monitoring product was created by Leif Claesson and Alex Hartman

Nautel Looking Glass
Nautel LookingGlass

Nautel has acquired LookingGlass, a specialized FM monitoring product created by Leif Claesson and Alex Hartman.

The company stated on its website that it was “wowed” by the capabilities of the product when it was demonstrated at the spring NAB Show a year ago. “We are pleased to say it is now the Nautel LookingGlass, manufactured and supported by Nautel.”

According to Nautel Product Manager Matt Herdon, LookingGlass was acquired from Modulation Arts. “Nautel felt that it was a strategic fit and a valuable contributor to our mission of ‘worry-free transmission’ for our customers.” Terms were not disclosed. Co-creator Alex Hartman now works full-time for Nautel.

LookingGlass is a 3 RU unit that monitors, records and analyzes up to 30 discrete frequencies simultaneously. It captures the spectrum of analog FM; then a powerful processor and 13 TB hard drive turn the airwaves into recordings, to be analyzed with software tools available on the front-panel touch screen or remotely using its Windows-based software.

Herdon called it an “amazing” tool. “We believe people will find even more creative uses for it once they get their hands on one. The likely fit is larger organizations and consultants, but let’s see what happens. Two ways you could view the usage are inward and outward facing: You could use it monitor your own stations or analyze the eco-system your stations operate in.”

[Read RW’s 2019 interview with Alex Hartman]

“The original design by Modulation Arts was excellent, so Nautel’s value-add is production, QA, distribution and support,” Herdon said. “The beta units were manufactured at our Hackett’s Cove facility. Over time we will expand its functionality, but for now let’s see what people use it for and then show us where they want it go.”

The original system was priced from $15,000 to $23,000 depending on configuration. The Nautel system is in beta and its pricing has not been finalized. Herdon said a limited run of beta units are available.

Nautel has scheduled a webinar to introduce it to the industry on May 7.

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