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NeoGroupe Releases Call Screening Tools

Suite designed to aid smooth remote operation with scattered personnel

NeoGroupe, NeoScreener, radio talk show phone systemsBroadcast software developer NeoGroupe has released a suite of tools for the remote screening of phone calls for radio talk shows.

According to the company, the offerings are headed by the NeoScreenerSmart mobile application (for iOS and Android, available from the stores). Supporting the app is the VPN compatibility of the company’s NeoScreener Windows application software, for both audio and control of phone lines and a cloud-hosted common shared database. The system does not require specified brands of telephone sets: The call screener can operate the phone lines from his/her home using a simple USB headset and microphone;

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The company describes a case study using a studio base in New York City that has a Telos VOIP phone system. It explains that call screeners can be at home in New Jersey and another in Connecticut, securely using the NeoScreener application while the host uses the NeoScreener application in Florida and sees the cued calls. He is able to air them in NYC. A co-host uses the iOS application on an iPad in Georgia to see the same calls that the host sees. He also has the same abilities to air calls, hold or drop them from the mobile application.

This framework allows the continuing remote operation of the show in the same way that it operated when in the studio, side-stepping COVID the travel restrictions. The usual workflow remains totally unchanged.

NeoScreener has also modules to handle prizes, winners, texting for callback and website interfaces. It is available in 10 languages. And finally, NeoGroupe recently added support for AEQ Systel VOIP Systems and the AVT THipPro line of phone systems, so that NeoScreener offers compatibility with the major phone systems available on the market.