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NextKast Has Licensed Version Option

Get radio broadcast automation without buying

NextKast, radio automation softwareAxis Entertainment Inc., has released its latest NextKast Broadcast automation, Terrestrial License. The latest automation offering has evolved over the last few years as the software adds more terrestrial customers looking for an intuitive software with the power to run FM, AM, and HD radio stations at an affordable cost.

Some of the features include Natural Log, Marketron, and other traffic merging; Advanced Nexus Integration with Music Master; ability to import external logs from most other music scheduling programs; enhanced live assist screen with track search on second screen; current hour remote and in studio voice tracking; advanced playlist macros; and much more. TCP and cloud-based voice tracking is available for PC, and cloud-based voice tracking on MacOS.

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The scheduler includes features like multipass scheduling (giving power categories artist separation bias), granular hourly mood/feature/gender flow, daypart sectioning for evenly distributing songs in different dayparts, date and time track restrictions, and more.

Hardware triggering is achieved using serial connection either USB or RS-232 using the Broadcast Tools relay boards like the SRC-16 Plus or SRC-4. The software can run well in a virtual server environment because of its minimal CPU and memory requirements. It has been time tested running in the Telos Alliance Axia IP-Audio Driver environment.

The new affiliate mode allows one main studio instance generating music and voice tracking, while affiliate stations have control of local commercials, imaging and station IDs. The end result is each affiliate’s imaging and commercials are unique to that station but voice tracks and music are shared, eliminating satellite or remote triggering scenarios. NextKast Broadcast version now also integrates closely with syndicated content providers such as local radio networks and others.