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Radial Debuts USB-Mobile Interface/DI

USB-Mobile is a digital interface and direct box for mobile devices

Radial Engineering, USB audio interfaces, USB-MobileRadial Engineering has introduced a new device, the USB-Mobile, a digital interface and direct box for mobile devices.

Usable with typical consumer mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other media players, the Mobile-USB digital interface and direct box allows users to connect a device directly using a USB cable. The result is that users can provide high-quality playback, sending two channels of balanced analog outputs over XLR connectors to feed a PA system or a set of powered speakers.

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The unit provides a USB-A input connector and stereo XLR outputs, as well as a level control to operate the DI in mic or line level. It also auto connects to most mobile devices.

The USB-Mobile is iOS compatible, and has the added benefit of charging the devices while they are used for audio playback. The unit is priced at $299.