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R&S Celebrates Istanbul Tower Project

Remarkable new Camlica Tower is a huge radio and TV transmitter facility

Rohde-Schwarz, Rohde & Schwarz, radio broadcast transmitters. Camlica TowerA dramatic new transmission tower that stands above Istanbul, Turkey, includes 100 liquid-cooled Rohde & Schwarz FM transmitters.

The manufacturer said it was picked to provide FM infrastructure at the striking Camlica Tower by transmission service provider Kule Verici Tesisleri Isletim Ve Teknolojileri A.S. “after many other companies claimed the transmission challenge was impossible to achieve.”

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R&S quoted the project management as citing transmitter efficiency and a small footprint as one of the reasons for choosing its model.

Rohde-Schwarz, Rohde & Schwarz, radio broadcast transmitters. Camlica TowerThe visually striking TV/radio tower, about 1,200 feet high, is on a hill overlooking the city. According to news reports the structure replaces numerous older transmission towers, and features restaurants, observation decks looking out over the Bosporus Strait, and exhibits. It is expected to be a major tourist attraction.

See more photos of the structure.

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