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TASCAM Joins the Mic Rush

TM-70 mic aims at broadcast, podcast duties

TASCAM, microphones. TM-70, podcasting equipment, broadcast microphonesWho knows why the last couple of months have seen an explosion in broadcast/podcast microphones but enjoy the bounty.

The latest is TASCAM’s TM-70, a supercardioid pattern microphone with a dynamic element “for live broadcasting, podcasting, film dialog, and audio streaming.”

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The company lists the frequency response at 30 Hz–20 kHz.

The company said, “the TM-70 was specifically engineered to capture what it is pointed at, effectively isolating sound sources such as directional dialog. The mic’s super cardioid directivity makes it resistant to ambient noise, thus enabling users to achieve a clean, clear audio signal that results in first class speech intelligibility.”

It ships with a shockmount, six-foot mic cable and a tabletop mic stand.