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Tascam Streamer/Recorders Get Firmware Update

Content can be streamed to three platforms at once

TASCAM, VS-R264, VS-R265Tascam released a V1.1.0 firmware update for its VS-R264 Full HD Streamer/Recorder and the VS-R265 4K/UHD Streamer/Recorder.

“With multiple simulcast and backup enabled by the availability of three RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) streams simultaneously, this important new update adds a wealth of functionality,” the company said in its announcement.

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The update supports three simultaneous RTMP streams, so users can stream programs to three different streaming platforms at the same time. “As an example, content can be streamed to YouTube, Facebook and Dacast simultaneously. Further, this update also facilitates simultaneous backup distribution (main and backup) to the server of the same streaming service.”

The update supports a total of eight simultaneous streams. “This includes 3 x RTMP / RTMPS, 1 x RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), 1 x HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), 2 x RTP / UDP Unicast, and 1 x RTP/UDP Multicast.” The company noted that RTMPS is a variation of RTMP that has an added layer of security.

The V1.1.0 update for the two models of streamer/recorder is available for download. Scroll to Firmware/Software and click: Main unit software V1. dated 02-12-2021.