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WBLU Turns to Broadcast Electronics for Emergency Transmitter

The Michigan radio station suffered severe damage during recent storms

From our Who’s Buying What page: A Michigan radio station, owned by a nonprofit summer camp for kids, turned to Broadcast Electronics in a pinch.

Blue Lake Public Radio, and its radio station WBLU(FM), encountered server damage to their transmitter due to powerful storms earlier this month. The group services the greater Grand Rapids area in Michigan.

“One of the 1 kW transmitters that we use for our station in downtown Grand Rapids went down,” said Klay Woodworth, director of broadcasting for BLPR, in a press release. “Our choices were to bundle up the old unit and send it in for repair or purchase a new unit, we chose to purchase a new unit and then get the older one overhauled so that we would have a backup.”

To get WBLU back  at full power, Woodworth turned to manufacturer Broadcast Electronics, part of the Elenos Group, to purchase a STX-1 kW transmitter, which was delivered within 48 hours.

The STX series of transmitters offers integrated RDS, an HTML web interface and the option to be upgraded to HD Radio. Other features include built-in audio delay and IP connectivity with GUI.

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