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RF Safety Solutions Offers Online Guidance

Richard Strickland expands his Web site

RF Safety Solutions, a safety management and RF consulting firm, is highlighting the resources that are available on its redesigned Web site.

According to Richard Strickland, chief cook and bottle washer for RF Safety Solutions, the site has been redesigned with some content brought over from the prior site but mostly new material. In his spare time Strickland is also a Radio World columnist and does safety training engineer for the SBE.

The site runs the gamut from promotion of the company’s services to providing useful industry information on aspects such as workplace safety and RF radiation. Also available are a number of articles that Strickland has written for Radio World and other publications.

Strickland said resources available to visitors include application notes on workplace safety as well as information and guidance on standards and regulations such as the FCC’s, proper signage at broadcast sites, and all aspects of RF radiation from biology to measurements and the use of RF personal protective equipment.

Also read Strickland’s RW columns on RF safety in archive form here.