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Sound Devices Debuts Solid-State Recorder

A new model of its 788T that includes a 256 GB solid-state hard drive

Handheld flash memory recorders have been all the rage; building upon that idea (and its own CompactFlash card recorders) Sound Devices has introduced the 788T-SSD, a solid-state memory recorder.

The 788T-SSD is an upgrade to the original 788T which used a standard 160 GB hard disk. The SSD model sports a 256 GB solid-state drive. The solid-state drive is expected to increase transfer speeds and it should record 60 hours of 24-bit/eight-track audio. It retains the eight mic inputs of the original 788T along with its paperback novel size.

With a solid-state drive the unit should also be quieter.

Sound Device Managing Director Jon Tatooles said of the 788T-SSD, “Its ability to record massive amounts of data to solid-state media is a real benefit for many of our customers who record content in hostile field production environments. For many of these applications, a second take is not an option.”

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