Sound4 Processor Range Aims for Efficiency

Features HLS streaming, audio patch points for watermark insertion and BS-412-compliance
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Sound4 Impact, Sound4 Pulse and Sound4 First are new FM/HD audio processors from Sound4.

From the company’s two-band unit to its six-band processor, the Sound4 product line features non-PC-based in-house-designed hardware, an advanced emergency player, diversity delay, RDS/RBDS UECP-compatible encoder, audio IP codec and six independent internet streaming encoders.

The Sound4 range offers HLS streaming, audio patch points for watermark (PPM) insertion and BS-412-compliance.

The units also feature a number of I/O options, including two stereo analog, two digital AES/EBU, two AES67/Livewire, two IP codec, two MPX outputs and two SUB inputs.

Sound4 processors fit into a 1RU configuration, can be booted in three seconds and have dual redundant power supplies.

The price range for its three processors runs from $2,400 to $5,600.

For information, contact Sound4 in France at +33-4-13-41-55-40; or visit


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