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Sound4 Voice V2 Ready

French audio card maker announces voice processor upgrade

Sound4 has unveiled V2 for its Sound4 voice processor card family. The three-band, eight-channel processor card is available in a Livewire, Ravenna, or six-channel analog digital version.

 The upgrade, which is free of charge, features a talkover channel priorityfunction that allows the radio host to automatically cut out guest voices in the case of a heated debate. V2 also offers overload protection for the bus mix, as well as increased ins/outs.

 According to the company, further improvements include greater flexibility of the onboard three-band pass filter, a quieter de-esser and a brickwall limiter that is now equipped with a suite of release presets, including a soft mode and a fast mode, depending on the required effect.

Sound4 also pointed out that when users advance to the V2, they would be able to preserve their old presets, making just slight adjustments to accommodate the upgrade.