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Staco Offers to Polish AVRs

NAB attendees get deal on automatic voltage regulator maintenance

Power accessories manufacturer Staco Energy Products will offer NAB Show attendees a deal (or two), starting with attention to automatic voltage regulators.

Owners of Staco AVRs who visit the booth can line up discounted preventative maintenance visits from Staco technicians. This “show special” includes “an audit of the voltage regulator’s internal and external operating parameters and conditions, inspection and replacement of commutation brushes, clear particulate matter from critical points and examine interfaces to other power train equipment” according to the company.

Additional offers can be negotiated for other Staco equipment on-site or enlisting nearby Staco owners.

Staco’s Paul Heiligenberg stated in the announcement, “Automatic voltage regulators are critical to broadcast equipment but because they require no day-to-day they can be overlooked and neglected. However there is wear and if left unchecked it can lead to costly and catastrophic problems and expensive, unplanned repairs or emergency service.”