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Symetrix Releases VoIP Card

Company says SymNet-compatible card has broadcast applications

At one time, the name Symetrix had significant broadcast cred. The company’s blue boxes, especially its voice processors, were familiar sights in radio studio equipment racks everywhere.

But in the last decade, it put its energies into the contracting/installation side. However, the magic of digital communications technology may have brought Symetrix back to broadcasting through the back door, so to say.

The company has released a VoIP card for its modular SymNet digital audio network hardware and SymNet controller software. It says, “The 2 Line VoIP Interface card natively integrates with SIP-based call platforms and unified communications environments. Developed for maximum flexibility, the card supports both narrowband and wideband audio, and is capable of a broad range of telephony features.” It adds that the card “is ideal for conferencing, paging, remote monitoring and broadcast applications.”

For specifics, a release said, “Validated with class-leading Cisco and Asterisk SIP-compatible call management platforms, the 2 Line VoIP card delivers low-delay audio packet transmission, adaptive jitter buffers, country-specific tone compatibility, and independent level adjustments for call progress, DTMF and ring tones.”