The SoundVault Opens

Recording app for iPhone and iPod Touch users available
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There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of apps that turn a smartphone into a recording device. The latest for iPhone and iPod Touch users is SoundVault from Soundness.

Though aimed at the basics, SoundVault does have some uses for the broadcasters. Its top-level recording performance is an acceptable 44.1 kHz, certainly usable for field acquisition and it offers 22 kHz and 11 kHz dictation levels handling sound and interviews that won’t be making it onto the air.

It has Dropbox integration for quick file sharing and it can function over a Wi-Fi network. In addition SoundVault files can be emailed or trafficked through iTunes Sync.

Tools include markers, pitch control, recording timer, GPS and the ability to attach files to the recording. It is also compatible with Bluetooth microphones.


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‘The IBOC Handbook’ Cracked Open

Anyone interested in how IBOC actually works at a more technical engineering level has been hard-pressed to find much published documentation on the subject, other than white papers published by the technology developer itself.