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Wheatstone Revs AoIP With DMX

First PR&E-branded board released

Wheatstone has wasted no time in getting a new PR&E product out, quickly after acquisition of the brand.

The DMX, shades of PR&E’s BMX and RMX lines, is dedicated to IP technology. It does not require an external Ethernet switch since a Gigabit Ethernet network card is built in.

Eight-fader and 16-fader models are available. A 1RU rackmounted I/O box is part of the system.

Features include talkback and cue functions, EQ and dynamics, LED meters, timer along with control room, studio and headphone monitoring. Each channel strip has pan, mode and input control knobs.

Wheatstone Director of Sales Jay Tyler said, “This is an ideal setup for the two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network.”