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Apple CarPlay Is Now Available in 100 Vehicle Models

CarPlay is a new way to connect an iPhone to a car’s infotainment system

LOS ANGELES�By now, many of you have at least heard of Apple CarPlay. Just exactly whatis it, though?�

CarPlay is a new way to connect an iPhone to a car�s infotainment system, letting the driver access smartphone functions like music, messaging, calls, navigation, etc.

Vehicles equipped with CarPlay will sync to an iPhone via the Lightning Connector. �CarPlay will pull data directly from an iPhone, while charging it, and will allow the driver to control and interact with your iPhone through the vehicle.

The steering wheel of CarPlay-enabled vehicles will have a dedicated voice-control button, though �CarPlay’s main appeal-factor will shine through the electronic equipment and touchscreen interface mounted in your dashboard,� according The driver will use traditional buttons and dials in the vehicle to interact with the iPhone, as well as touch and voice controls.

Perhaps of greatest interest to broadcasters is the fact that CarPlay will stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes Radio from an iPhone and a car’s stereo, and it’ll even let the driver access music and other audio content through third-party apps, like Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Apple launched a dedicated website that lists car makes and models that support the standard�currently over 100 models from 21 different car brands. �See the sitehere.