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BBC, Jazz FM Partner to Create Pop-up Digital Radio Station for EFG London Jazz Festival

Wouldn’t it be cool to really dedicate an entire radio station to a music festival?

LONDON�Many of us have worked in non-commercial radio and many times dedicated most of a weekend to the production of remote broadcasts of music festivals. (Years ago, even commercial music stations would do this.)�

Wouldn�t it be cool to really dedicate anentire radio station to this sort of endeavor? Well, it turns out that by way of the digital radio technology currently in use in the U.K., an organization can do this quite easily.� (To be fair, you could do this with HD Radio just as easily).�

BBC Radio is launching a jazz “pop-up” digital radio station for the first time, called BBC Music Jazz.� The temporary service will be made possible by way of an agreement between BBC Radio,Jazz FMand theEFG London Jazz Festival, and will be on-air from 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12 until midnight Sunday, Nov. 15, according

A DAB radio listener need only re-scan his or her DAB radio so that the new station is recognized by the radio, and thereafter ready for listening.�

This is the first time BBC Radio stations will work in collaboration with Jazz FM. �Programming will also feature performers, archive material, live content fromBBC Radio 3�s collaboration with EFG London Jazz Festival, spoken-word content from BBC Radios 2, 4, 6 and BBC Radio Scotland. Jazz FM will also offer access to their flagship programs and rare archive recordings.