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Norway’s Aftenposten Says DAB Network Coverage There Is Still Lacking

Norwegian Motorists organization is concerned after it noted “gaps” in DAB coverage along one of the country's main roads

OSLO ��While the clock continues ticking down towards the beginning of the �sunset� of the national FM network stations in Norway (scheduled to start on Jan. 11, 2017) both sides are still making their attitudes about the impending changes known in the press and in Parliament.�

The Norwegian Motorists organization NAF is concerned after it noted �gaps� in DAB coverage along one of the country’s main roads.�Aftenposten (Norway�s largest circulation newspaper) has received �many� inquiries after one its journalists drove the Oslo-to-Kristiansand roadway to test coverage of Norway’s digital radio network. His radio was installed correctly, but still experienced �drop-outs� in places, even where there apparently was open landscape, reports�

NAF communications manager Inger Elisabeth Sagedal noted that car radios are essential in Norway. �It has to do with security, information on convoys, accidents road conditions, weather.�It is important for consumers� driving pleasure, but it has a security and an emergency preparedness side too.�NRK and Digitalradio Norway assures us that everything is under control, but we get a lot of feedback that there are many �holes� in the coverage.��

Radionytto.noalso reports that the Norwegian Culture Minister�Linda Hofstad Hellelandhas once again responded to criticism of the planned FM extinction of the national channels.�MP Martin Henriksen wrote to Helleland that �many listeners reported poor coverage for DAB.�

Helleland responded that the criteria adopted in the parliamentary decision in 2011 are met and that she sees no reason to delay the FM shutdown.�Regarding coverage she says �NRK actually has better coverage on DAB than on FM.� She also puts part of the blame on DAB listeners.� For example, she says many drivers with DAB have �not turned on �service following� or �DAB to DAB link� that allows the car radio to automatically channel hop from frequency to frequency as the vehicle moves across the countryside.

Ole J�rgen Torvmark, general manager of Digital radio Norway, noted the results published inAftenposten, and told the paper that their results sound strange. �NRK, P4 and Digitalradio Norway have driven over 42,000 km in order to test the maps and terrain. We have done both using measuring equipment and conventional radios. Through this work we have determined that the map showing coverage fits very well the reality. The exception is of course the coverage in the tunnels, which are still under development.�