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Tuning in HD Radio

Tuning in HD Radio

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM

As more stations begin transmitting HD Radio signals, the need for HD Radio receivers will grow. Kenwood received a great deal of attention for offering the first HD Radio tuner module for use with its head units. Now, several companies offer consumer HD Radio receivers. Here is a rundown of the units that we were able to find listed as being commercially available. Unfortunately, few of these models are available at local retail outlets. Most must be ordered through mail order or online outlets.


A) Alpine DVA-9965
HD Radio tuner with DVD, CD, MP3 and WMA playback. XM or Sirius ready.

HD Radio tuner with CD, MP3 and WMA playback. Also receives Sirius.

C) Kenwood KTC-HR100MC
HD Radio tuner that works with select Kenwood head units.

D) Panasonic CQ-CB9900U
HD Radio tuner with CD, MP3 and WMA playback.

E) Sanyo ECD-HD1990M
HD Radio tuner with CD, MP3 and WMA playback.



F) Audio Design Associates Tune Suite
A modular tuner that accepts receiver modules for AM, FM, HD Radio, weather and XM. Housed in a 2RU package.

G) Rotel RT-1084 This 2RU
HD Radio receiver that can also receive Sirius Satellite Radio and decode RBDS signals.

H) Polk Audio I-sonic
HD Radio receiver with a DVD player and XM satellite radio. Decodes multicast streams. Aux audio inputs, alarm clock.

I) Radiosophy Multistream
HD Radio receiver with a docking speaker. Decodes multicast audio streams. Aux audio inputs.

J) Yamaha RX-V4600
A home theater unit with a plethora of connections on the back, it includes Pro Logic II and SRS Circle Surround for HD Radio and other surround formats for home theater.

K) Boston Acoustics Recepter
HD Radio receiver with two alarm clocks. Available in three colors.