AM Tower Tool Available

The FCC has developed a tool to help those who plan to build or modify a tower determine if nearby AM towers may be affected.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Media Bureau coordinated their efforts to develop what they’re calling the “AM Tower Tool.”

Using the tool, parties proposing tower construction or modification can input their proposed location, and the software will determine if there are operating AM stations within the coordination distances specified in the agency’s rules as well as alert them to AMs within the coordinates that are authorized, but not yet operating.

The tool has been developed as the commission updates its rules to better protect AM towers from the impact of nearby construction, as we’ve reported.


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Readers should be aware that the AM tower tool only indicates the legal necessity for a new tower proponent to notify an AM station. It does not assess the extent, if any, of possible interference to an AM station. It does not screen existing detuned tower changes, which all require AM notification.
By Lawrence Behr on 2/25/2014

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