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A Different Kind of Digital Radio Mask

Kolesar, Mundschenk hit the road

Russ Mundschenk and Dave Kolesar during MA3 documentation 2020
Russ Mundschenk, left, and Dave Kolesar on the road for some pandemic-era digital data collection.

Here’s the latest pic from our “Engineers at Work” feature:

The National Association of Broadcasters and Xperi Corp. are working to test the performance of HD Radio’s MA3 mode in electric vehicles. As part of that effort, Russ Mundschenk of Xperi and Dave Kolesar of Hubbard’s WWFD(AM) took this selfie while driving around to help document the Core and Core+Enhanced coverage of the station. (Clearly, these guys are NRSC-5 RF Mask Compliant!)

The two were in a gasoline-powered control car, a Hubbard-owned 2015 Subaru Crosstrek.

WWFD is the all-digital AM station in Frederick, Md., that has been operating under experimental authority. The FCC this week opened the all-digital option to all AM stations in the United States.

Mundschenk and Kolesar also are the two most recent recipients of the Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award.

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