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Attn. Car Manufacturers: Don’t Leave AM in the Dust

Readers weigh in on the fate of AM radio on the car dash

In these letters to the editor, readers comment on the ongoing discussion surrounding the fate of AM radio on the car dash — more specifically, in electric vehicles. Here’s our most recent story on the matter. Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

I’ll skip the “upgrade”

The other day, I took my five-year-old Tesla Model S in for service for a longtime running problem with the front touch screen computer working sluggishly and they recommended an upgrade to a new front computer which also contains a new “modern” media system. The upgrade includes new computer screens, the new computer and new media software.

The way you get the upgrade is to pay $2,500. I went home that day thinking that I had a pretty good solution; however, upon further Google research, I found out the new media package not only did not include the AM radio, but the FM radio as well. I decided to not “upgrade.”

Tesla and other car manufacturers are going all “pay-for-streaming” with no radio at all. I think we need our broadcasters to tell Tesla (and any other manufacturer that removes radio from their cars) what we think of this “solution.” However, Tesla has dissolved its public pelation department, so there may not be a road back.

– Doug Vernier, V-Soft Communications, West Palm Beach, Fla.


What about all the FM translators?

Man, the work I did with General Motors years ago to show them that AM was worth keeping…

So, what will the commission do about the translators tied to AM stations that cannot be received in cars? Will they allow licensees to turn off the AM and keep the translator going? Isn’t widespread HD adoption enough to keep this from happening?

– Jonathon Yinger, president and CEO, The Christian Broadcasting System

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