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Should Required NRSC Measurements for AM Stations Continue?

Here is the updated collection of responses to Larry Langford’s suggestion that required NRSC measurements are no longer needed.

Let’s Toss Another Expensive and Useless Rule!

Larry Langford started the debate saying that the seemingly obsolete NRSC mask measurement for AMs is a waste of time and resources.

FCC-Required NRSC Proofs Are Important

Broadcast engineer Burt Weiner disagrees with Larry Langford’s call to do away with the annual NRSC proof requirement.

Keep AM NRSC Proofs and Add FM Proofs

Richard Rudman feels that NRSC proofs are still needed due to the fallibility of equipment and operators.

Larry’s Right! NRSC Measurements Are Unneeded

Cumulus Media broadcast engineer Ray Uberecken also thinks that the NRSC measurements are outmoded.

Annual Measurement Checks Are Still Important — Really

Steve Johnston notes that the FCC rules call for annual harmonic and spurious measurements for AM stations, but he also wants the same rules applied to FMs.

Why the Fuss Over AM Proofs?

One technology supplier says we’re holding onto the past for no good reason.

Alexander: Bring Consistency to AM Measurements

NRSC is likely to be one of the lesser problems an AM could have.

NRSC Measurements: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Rudman asks how can a licensee know they are out of spec if they don’t measure?

Larry Is Still Right!

Ray Uberecken wants to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to NRSC measurements.

NRSC Measurements Are About More Than the Mask

Don’t forget harmonic suppression, faulty equipment and more.

NRSC: Times Have Changed

Monitoring is increasingly done only at the request of the licensee.