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NAB Radio Product Preview 2004

NAB Radio Product Preview 2004

Sep 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

On-air control surface
Booth 500
Generation 8:
This control surface offers four faders dedicated to call-in segments to provide an interface to four callers or remotes, each with independent caller feed, independent fader feed, user-selectable talkback communication and adjacent channel linking. A dedicated LCD display screen keeps the operator informed and in control. One CAT-5 wire conveys all the control from this surface to Wheatstone’s Bridge Router. Any system audio source (inputs or mixes) is available to any console fader or monitor pot (source visibility software controlled). Set destinations for mixes, aux sends and mix-munis feeds to anywhere in the facility. The surface can store and name switch and fader settings for each operator’s task and recall them by spinning an encoder and hitting a take button.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Modular automation system
Prophet Systems
Booth 709
Nexgen 101:
The software runs a single radio station and is based on the Nexgen software. Users buy only what they need, and add features as the station grows or the budget allows. Start with the core software, which includes the ability to process a log, then add modules to grow the system functionality as needs change.
fax 308-284-4181
[email protected]

Audio control surface
Sierra Automated Systems
Booth 812
A stand-alone control surface, the Rubicon integrates into the SAS 32KD digital audio network for mixing, switching, level control and effects. Modular, customizable and fully programmable, this control surface is for a medium- or large- market facility. Each module features four program bus assignments and four effects/auxilliary sends. A VU/Peak LED meter bridge with a clock and a timer or a VGA monitor show metering.
fax 818-840-6751
[email protected]

RF components dealer
RF Parts
Booth 1312
Online catalog:
A worldwide distributor for 34 years, RF Parts has released an expansion of its online catalog at The catalog provides a listing of product information, product applications and product ordering with the company’s secure ordering system. The catalog lists a complete line of power tubes for broadcast, industrial and communications, including Eimac, Amperex, Taylor, Svetlana, RFP and Econco brands along with a full range of sockets through 20kW.
fax 760-744-1943
[email protected]

FM antenna for IBOC
ERI-Electronics Research
Booth 700
Dual-feed IBOC antenna:
This dual-input, side-mounted FM antenna is designed for FM IBOC applications and is capable of transmitting the analog and digital FM signals without requiring a high loss hybrid combiner or the use of a circulator to attain the required isolation between the digital and analog transmitters. The antenna is a dual-input antenna design that excites all radiating elements with analog and digital signals. The antenna allows the use of a single antenna while eliminating the combining loss as is present in the 10dB hybrid combining method and it is able to achieve 1.05:1 VSWR for analog and digital inputs. It can achieve in excess of 30dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using an isolator/circulator.
fax 812-925-4030
[email protected]

Internet voice tracker
Scott Studios
Booth 705
Voice Tracker:
This system allows jocks to record air shifts from anywhere with an Internet connection, Windows computer and microphone. When used with Scott’s SS32, times and current temperatures can air. Voice Tracker via Internet requires an Internet music server at the station to send compressed song heads and tails, in WMA format, to the announcer’s headphones. It can automatically virus scan and place the recorded voice tracks in the air studio. Stations choose how many songs per hour an announcer is allowed to change for timing, or whether he must follow the log exactly.
fax 972-620-8811
[email protected]

Digital STL/TSL system
Moseley Associates
Booth 1404
Starlink 9003T1: This digital STL/TSL system for T1 circuits features new LAN connectivity for transmitting Ethernet to and from the transmitter site to support datacasting for HD Radio and RDS song title and artist data. A new six-port multiplexer and built-in CSU allows combining of these data channels with the program audio for direct connection to a T1 circuit making external interfacing equipment unnecessary. This system allows stations to transition the STL portion of their air chains to digital for IBOC. The T1 unit transports linear uncompressed stereo program channels at either 44.1 or 32kHz digital sample rates. Both AES/EBU digital and analog inputs and outputs and a serial data channel are built into the system. The SL9003T1 combines program audio with voice channels for telephones and data channels for communications and control for bidirectional transport over a single digital T1/E1 line, microwave radio or license-free 5.8GHz link.
fax 805-685-9638
[email protected]

RF station monitor
Coaxial Dynamics
Booth 1502
81095: This microprocessor-controlled, rack-mounted Watchman monitor/alarm measures and displays forward and reflected power simultaneously in 50ohm transmission systems. Using LCD displays, it also provides direct reading of VSWR. It is compatible with the company’s series of 7/8″ to 6-1/8″ line sections and will accept elements from less than 5W to 100kW full scale from 2MHz to 2.3GHz. Installation consists of the Watchman, a dual-socket line section and two elements for monitoring. The Watchman is supplied with two 25′ dc cable assemblies for connection to the line section and a 6′ ac power cord. An audible single tone alarm will indicate a system/transmitter malfunction. Relay contacts are provided for remote alarm and reset switching.
fax 440-243-1101
[email protected]

RBDS encoder
Burk Technology
Booth 1505
RDS Master:
Audemat-Aztec and Burk Technology have introduced an RDS encoder powered by Audemat-Aztec’s FMB80. The FMB80 is capable of scrolling song titles and artist information on any kind of RDS receiver using the scrolling PS feature. Communication with the automation software and configuration are simplified with serial and TCP/IP ports. The FMB80 has an embedded Web server and supports HTTP, TELNET, UDP and TCP protocols. Firmware upgrades can be flashed remotely using the FTP site.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

AM transmitter
Booth 1410
The Jazz J1000 is a 1kW AM transmitter in a 19″ rack mount package. It uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to produce logic-level RF drive and modulation encoding. Ultra linear extended band performance supports HD Radio and DRM digital transmission formats. Control and monitoring is provided through a software-driven 240 x 64 graphic LCD display in conjunction with a diagnostic flow diagram. The redundant modular design has two complete and independent 500W wideband power modules comprising high efficiency RF amplifier, modulator, switch mode power supply and integral ventilation fan. The transmitter has provisions for six preset RF power levels.
fax 207-947-3693
[email protected]

50kW AM transmitter
Broadcast Electronics
Booth 702
4MX 50:
The 50kW AM transmitter is based on a patent-pending modulation design and is about half the size of comparable models. The transmitter is IBOC and DRM compatible. Notable features include PA modules that can be accessed from the front of the transmitter, lift-off rear panels to provide access to power supplies and all ac connections, nighttime power capability as low as 250W, 15″ XGA GUI for operation and diagnostics that are also available via IP, and power factor greater than 0.98.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Digital console
Radio Systems
Booth 1110
Millenium Digital:
This console provides analog or digital inputs on every channel, 32-bit resolution, sample rate conversion on every input and CRT companion metering/timer and set-up display. All the outputs are available in analog or AES/EBU digital format and the console offers 10 extra auxiliary output busses. The system also features 10 fully programmable mix-minus outputs and a serial RS-232 interface.
fax 856-467-3044
[email protected]

Field strength meter
Booth 1710
Navigator 007:
This portable FM field strength meter offers built-in modulation metering, stereo pilot monitor and RBDS monitor. It is delivered with an external GPS receiver for mobile RF survey on a single FM station. While driving, RF readings and GPS coordinates are recorded on a laptop. After the campaign, results can be viewed as a text file or can be exported to mapping or predictive software. The unit is accessed with any terminal program software. The unit includes a carrying case, with 115/230Vac power supply and vehicle power supply.
fax 305-682-2233
[email protected]

Solid-state FM transmitters
DRS Broadcast Technology
Booth 1306
Continental 815D5 and 815HD5:
The new line of FM solid-state transmitters, beginning with the 815D5 and the 815HD5, is a 5kW solid state FM line with an RF combining and splitting system designed to withstand as much as three times its operating RF requirements to ensure long-term, reliable service in harsh and often time abusive loads. This transmitter line wields a unique combiner system that ensures that the most RF possible gets to the output in the event of single or multiple amplifier module failure. The 815 series includes 24.5″ (12RU) of user-available 19″ wide rack space and built in ancillary equipment power outlets. This area is located in a non-interlocked area and accessible from the front or rear.
fax 214-381-3250
[email protected]

Analog STL system
Armstrong Transmitter
Booth 1701
X Link STL system:
An analog STL system, this 10W systems replaces the FML 10 system. The transmitter and receiver feature microprocessor control that evolves the FML 10 to a user-friendly, menu-driven system. Frequency, power output, signal strength and all metered parameters are available on the front-panel LCD display and via a remote control. The system’s receiver is more sensitive making it useful for long STL paths. This system interfaces easily with Armstrong’s two- and four-channel digital converters to allow a station to add digital audio to the analog platform. The transmitter and receiver operate on 24Vdc, 110 or 220Vac.
fax 315-673-9972
[email protected]

Audio engine and consoles
Booth 100
Digital console enhancements:
Several enhancements have been introduced for the Logitek digital consoles including a two-stage talk show delay, silence-sense capability, EQ and dynamics processing, input metering on every fader and compression metering on faders where activated. The Optical STL is available as part of the Logitek Audio Engine and offers 64 channels of bidirectional audio to be sent as far as 10 miles without data loss or compression. The system also provides intercom functionality that can operate as a stand-alone system or as part of a Logitek digital console. Other enhancements include a full X-Y router, mixed analog and digital I/O, multiple mix-minus buses, IP and multisite operation, and physical and virtual controllers.
fax 713-664-4479
[email protected]

Surge suppressor
Superior Electric
Booth 303
Stabiline TB1:
The unit protects against damaging electrical disturbances, high frequency noise and high energy disturb-ances. Available in two sizes: 20A/ 45kA or 40A/65kA ratings. TB1 models use metal oxide varistors in parallel arrays placed at the input and output to protect critical loads from high-energy transient damage. They also use UL-recognized inductors and X and Y capacitors to filter error-producing high-frequency noise. Single-phase 120, 220 and 277Vac types provide three modes of protection. Split-phase 120/240 and two of three phase types provide six modes of protection.
fax 860-582-3784
[email protected]

Production music
Westar Music
Booth 203
Music library: This company provides production music for broadcast, corporate video and multimedia use. Westar offers production library music in seven primary categories: Sports and Corporate; Rock, Dance and Pop; Jazz and Blues; Easy Listening; Country and Western; Drama and Film Scores; and Specialty Music. Within each category are many music genres and styles. The website also offers resources to play audio demos for every CD and order a copy of a demo package, get a listing of the complete contents of its audio demo by CD number, track and title view its CD master list in order by CD number, and use the electronic cue sheet templates and music reporting information.
fax 905-886-6800
[email protected]

Stand-alone automation system
Booth 606
This on-air workstation combines the company’s Digilink Xtreme software and the Champ-6 workstation hardware. It features an embedded PC and audio playback system in a fanless unit. It has four stereo sound cards built in with play and record, analog and digital audio I/O and logic control for all four audio channels. It is Windows XP OS compatible with built-in networking for audio and schedule interfacing.
fax 970-663-1010
[email protected]

Studio telephone access center
Booth 1005
STAC6 and STAC12:
These Studio Telephone Access Centers (STAC) for listener lines, talk shows and call-in segments incorporate two digital telephone hybrids handling up to four callers. It is offered in six and 12 phone line versions with the ability to upgrade in the field. The accompanying control surface supports unique producer and screener configurations. IP-based call screening and control is embedded, enabling operation from almost anywhere. Other unique features include auto-attendant and support of as many as four control surfaces.
fax 978-784-1717
[email protected]

Audio processor
Booth 413
Optimod-FM 2300:
Key new features of this processor include stereo enhancement, built-in Ethernet and RS232 serial connectivity, full-featured remote control through any Windows 2000 or XP PC, standard AES/EBU digital input/output, Orban’s half-cosine interpolation composite limiter and a multiplex power controller for countries required to meet the ITU-R BS412 standard. The 2300 is targeted to small- and medium-market broadcasters as well as non-commercial and educational broadcasters. Supplied in a compact, 1RU chassis, the processor offers a processing chain that includes a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, program-adaptive high frequency enhancer, two-band compressor/limiter, distortion-canceling clipper, overshoot compensator and stereo encoder with composite limiting. The main clippers and overshoot compensator operate at 256kHz sample rate and are anti-aliased.
fax 510-351-0500
[email protected]

Radio automation system
Booth 1512
Digasystem Latitude Edition:
The Latitude Edition is a scalable platform with network capabilities designed for the demands of small to medium-size broadcasters. The basic version consists of three complete preconfigured workstations and a server with all of the software modules required for editing, organizing, scheduling and playing programming. Latitude can be upgraded by 20 options to add and customize additional features such as Web applications, automation, file transfer or import modules for a wide range of applications. Expansion with additional workstations or an update to the full version of a Digasystem installation is possible at any time.
fax 703-396-4939
[email protected]

Digital FM processor
Booth 302
A largely software-based digital on-air processor/generator, Omega_FM offers a short and direct program signal path that keeps latency at a minimum. The user interface includes a no-menu front panel setup that suits a variety of applications, or allows any PC to be connected for control over all processing parameters.
fax 831-458-0554
[email protected]

Digital logging device
Booth 613
Imedia Logger:
Ideal for time shifting, delayed broadcast, logging or skimming, this software can auto record without spots. This program can record 12 audio sources simultaneously, and each workstation can record 12 stereo sources at the same time. Users can record four streams from each audio source using multiple compression formats and recording qualities. This system uses MPEG 1 Layer 1, 2 and 3, PCM, Windows Media Audio and Real Audio files.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Data importer, exporter
Booth 902
Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100:
The Flexstar HDI-100 data importer and HDE-100 program exporter can broadcast supplemental audio and implement data services, maximizing available bandwidth within the transmission chain. The HDE-100 exporter multiplexes the data leaving the importer with a station main program channel and feeds all the data as one bandwidth-efficient bit stream to an IBOC exciter.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Desk surface
Booth 1707
The desk surface of this product is wide enough for large keyboard controllers, control surfaces or smaller mixers, while providing eight rack spaces in two bays within easy reach. The shelf above the rack spaces can hold computer monitors and nearfield monitors. The shelf below is available for a computer and storage. The unit is available in melamine laminates or melamine with gray slate, mahogany or maple Formica top surfaces. The dimensions of this unit are: 37.13″H x 31.38″ D x 55.9″ W and weighs 125 pounds.
fax 415-332-2607
[email protected]

Online legal reference
Pike and Fischer
Booth 101
Web services:
A subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs, this company has launched three legal reference services on the Web for cable, broadcasting and wireless professionals. The services, Cable TV Regulation, Broadcast Regulation and Wireless Telecommunications Regulation, offer subscribers desktop access to current FCC rules and regulatory information critical for industry compliance. Communications executives can quickly access current and proposed rules as well as all regulatory mandates issued by the FCC.
fax 301-562-1521
[email protected]

Call-in quick dialing
Booth 106
SMS short codes:
The SMS short code 22022 and other short codes open a new avenue of messaging to and from radio station listeners. The codes allow a simple way to get instant input from the thousands of mobile phone users. The CSCA initiative of late 2003 was an agreement among the major telephone service providers in the United States to follow a common short code five-digit standard for allocating numbers across all carriers. This means broadcast contesting can be set for all mobile phones instead of just one carrier.
fax 914-428-5922
[email protected]

FM allocation program
V-Soft Communications
Booth 1109
FM Commander:
The program uses a new mapping engine compatible with V-Soft’s Probe 3 and AM-Pro polygon-based mapping databases. Some of the new features include the ability to automatically design directional antenna patterns with one click of the mouse, the ability to overlay population centroids, airports, towers and AM stations, interactive labeling and terrain profile graphing. The USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) 30-meter database can be used with Probe 3, Terrain-3D and Plot Path.
fax 319-266-9212
[email protected]

Music library
Firstcom Music
Booth 212
Noise Pump Music:
NPM will provide a variety of musical styles from orchestral to electronica in a user friendly layout including long form titles, commercial length edits and sub-mix versions. The initial 10 CD release will be followed by 10 more CD volumes in the fall of 2004. Additionally, all music will be released on Firstcom’s website for download. The series is produced by Aaron Harry.
fax 972-242-6526
[email protected]

Coaxial cable
Booth 905
Flexline Foam:
Type FLF is normally used for primary feeders, while Type FLS is typically used for jumper assemblies. Both style of cables features copper inner conductors, highly closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor, and polyethylene jackets. The Flexline foam cable is available in a full range of sizes including Type FLF-1/2″, 7/8″, 1-1/4″ and 1-5/8″ and FLS-1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 7/8″. Connectors and accessories are available for all sizes of these cables.
fax 207-655-7120

[email protected]