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Wohler Promotes Kelly to President and CEO

Carl Dempsey is departing his day-to-day operating role to pursue other interests

SAN FRANCISCO� Wohler Technologies on Tuesday announced a new CEO and an update of its strategic shift to IP and software-centric designs. Wohler said it expects both changes to �better enable the company and its customers to anticipate and accommodate industry trends and opportunities, particularly the ongoing migration toward IP delivery of audio and video.�

Wohler promoted Michael Kelly to president and CEO. Kelly joined the company in January 2007 and most recently served as the executive vice president of finance and planning.

During that time, Kelly was instrumental in two acquisitions and, in his planning capacity, helped develop strategies and tactics in all areas, including design, engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and post-sales service. As president and CEO, he will focus on completing development of the iAM line and adding to the engineering team in order to promote further product development.

After nine years as Wohler president and CEO, and 21 total years with the company, Carl Dempsey is departing his day-to-day operating role to pursue other interests. He is expected to stay on Wohler’s board of directors.

With regard to Wohler�s IP evolution, it launched its iAM-MADI multichannel monitoring system last April, the first in a series of new products featuring a software-defined design. Wohler is increasing its investments in software engineers and product management to expand the iAM line and develop additional software-defined products. Wohler also is widening its capabilities with AES67, Aspen and Dante.�

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