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Microphones at NAB2001

Microphones at NAB2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Doug Irwin

Radio is discovering the joys of condenser microphones. There has been a proliferation of new models over the last several years, many of which are in the price range that can be justified at a radio station that has already invested heavily in its facility and air chain.

Neumann displayed the TLM 103 and the TLM-193; both relatively inexpensive condenser mics. The KMS105, originally designed for handheld use, was also shown for on-air use.

AKG has several condenser microphones in its line that are within most radio budgets, including the the C4000B and C 4500-BC.

Audio Technica has an extensive line of inexpensive condenser mics. The very inexpensive AT 3525 is followed by the AT 4047, the AT 4050 and the AT4060 tube.

If your comfort level lies more in line with the well-known dynamic microphone manufacturers, Shure has the KSM32SL, and Electro-Voice has the RE1000.

Sennheiser has an extensive line of wireless microphones, starting with the 100 Series UHF line up through the top-of-the-line 5000 Series. Additionally Sennheiser offers the 1000 Series, using digital modulation techniques.

LBP unveiled the Silent Mic Boom, which quiets a traditional design.

Doug Irwin is director of engineering, Clear Channel, San Francisco.