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A Snapshot of a Snapshot of Radio History

Notables chatted about FM stereo’s birthday and sat for this photo

We receive lots of group photos and “grip and grin” pix after conventions. But this one from the recent AES show seems particularly notable.

It was taken in conjunction with a special event honoring “A Half Century of FM Stereo.” Held off-site at the Clear Channel Studios at the P.C. Richards & Sons Theater, the gathering of elite radio folks looked back at the development of FM stereo transmission, the approval of the system, its practices, the success and its future.

AES Convention Broadcast/Streaming Events co-chair David Bialik and co-host Scott Fybush recruited a notable panel of technical radio all-stars to share their thoughts.

The picture should be savored. If you’ve read Radio World and followed industry technical trends over the decades, you’ll appreciate that there’s a lot of current engineering know-how as well as radio history expertise represented here, covering at least five or six decades of technical accomplishment. It was snapped by Kim Sacks and shared with us by AES.

Standing in rear: Eric Small, Modulation Sciences; Richard Mertz, Cavell, Mertz and Associates; Skip Pizzi, NAB;Frank Foti, Omnia Audio; Herb Squire, former WQXR(FM) chief engineer; Bob Orban, Orban; David Bialik. Seated: Bill Sacks, Orban; Richard Burden, original FM Stereo Committee member; Arno Meyer, Belar; Scott Fybush; Jeff Smith, Clear Channel Radio.