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AEQ Provides Remotes for Candelaria

IP codec at home or in the field

TENERIFE, Canary Islands, Spain — Candelaria Radio is located in the municipality of that name on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Spain. Naturally, and as a local station, Candelaria Radio is focused on being in close contact with the city, its people and reality. The musical offerings are varied and ample, and the station is betting that providing local news, current affairs and information will attract and keep listeners.

Even though we are a small station, at Candelaria Radio we always have bet on state-of-the art technologies that simplifies our work flow and at the same time allows us to work from new and different locations.

Yaiza Santana Mancheño checks out the ALIO before taking it on a remote.USEFUL FEATURES

From a technical point of view, AEQ’s new portable IP audio codec, the Phoenix ALIO, is full of useful features, offering close to infinite opportunities. As usual with AEQ’s solutions, the Phoenix ALIO also is easy to use.

The Phoenix ALIO seems to have been designed and manufactured to adapt to various scenarios, including contribution/transmission of music. Its elegant and compact design is resistant to dents and even liquids and is optimized for outside use where handling may not always as careful as one would wish.

AEQ Phoenix ALIO can connect to most third-party equipment using SIP communication protocol according to the N/ACIP Tech 3326 EBU recommendation. However, when connecting to another AEQ codec the user can take advantage of an exclusive set of tools that makes the setting of a connection and the control of the unit a simple task.

Thanks to the PhoenixControl software that comes with the unit, even a small radio station like us has access to really top-notch tools and solutions. Also the Phoenix ALIO offers a range of encoding algorithms, such as Opus, that guarantee great audio quality with a minimum latency even in outside broadcasts where the communication networks sometimes can be quite difficult.

In our opinion, the AEQ Phoenix ALIO offers more than acceptable audio quality in combination with simple set-up and configuration. Also, being such a small and compact unit, the transport becomes no issue at all. This is a piece of equipment that will allow you to achieve your highest expectations in any broadcast project taking place outside the radio studio, all with the ease of an IP connection.

For information, contact Peter Howarth at AEQ in Florida at (954) 581-7999 or visit