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Arbitron Looks ‘Cross-Platform’

Creates a media measurement group to put PPM to use beyond radio

Saying it wants to put its PPM technologies to work beyond traditional radio, Arbitron has formed a “cross-platform” media measurement group.

Pierre Bouvard was named executive VP of cross-platform services. At the same time, Carol Hanley was promoted to senior vice president and chief sales officer of the company.

“By leveraging PPM technology and domestic and international partnerships, Arbitron plans to capture an integrated view of the modern consumer media experience,” it stated in the announcement, “bridging the measurement gap amongst television, radio, Internet, mobile and placed-based media.”

The group includes product development, sales and product management employees.

CEO Michael Skarzynski likes that the Portable People Meter is mobile and platform-agnostic. The company feels PPM can be a single-source cross-platform media measurement tool. PPM, he said, “provides a unique method for tracking consumer-level exposure across numerous platforms and media.”