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AudioVault is HD Radio Ready

AudioVault is HD Radio Ready

Broadcast Electronics plans to show the HD Radio ready AudioVault digital audio system at NAB2003. BE’s AudioVault for the studio and VaultExpress for the field will have new support tools for HD Radio data and MP3 audio, plus demonstrate a new automation capability for controlling digital consoles.
A data specification has been added to BE’s digital audio systems so broadcasters can synchronize the transmission and reception of HD Radio data displayed on new digital radios. The MPS specification is a data interface standard developed by Ibiquity and industry partners to identify how data elements such as song title and artist are to be structured, transmitted and played back on HD Radio receivers.
MP3 support has been added to the AudioVault line. The Fraunhofer licensed MP3 codec is now integrated into the system so broadcasters can encode and decode audio files for playback on MP3 consumer devices or over the Web.
Also new to the AudioVault line is a feature for automating the faders of digital boards.