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Backbone Suite Tracks, Targets Listening Areas

Backbone Suite Tracks, Targets Listening Areas

Backbone Networks Corp. debuted version 4.1 of Backbone Radio Pro, a turnkey Internet radio station software suite.
It includes compatibility with Intel-based Macs and, the company says, has features for increasing revenue opportunities for online stations. Among these are clickable images and text that allow listeners to conduct e-commerce while continuing to listen, and demographic feedback that facilitates targeted radio advertising.
The product includes automation, streaming and content creation software to implement an MPEG-4 Internet station using Macs in combination with Linux or Mac OS X servers. This, the company says, results in a live station with automated operation that allows remote event broadcasts, audience scalability and multimedia consisting of streamed audio, images and text.
Integrated reporting tells the operator how many people listen to what, at what time, for how long and from where; this info is based on potential geographical mapping of IP listener connections. The feature lets broadcasters target advertising to those listening areas.
The software is compatible with iTunes to integrate automatic podcast generation.