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BSI Releases Simian Pro 2.2; Remote Access Is Supported

Control from Windows desktop or, soon, iPad remote app

Simian Pro 2.2 is now available from Broadcast Software International.

It supports Simian Gateway and a Simian Remote application to enable users to access their on-air or production Simian Pro Radio Automation remotely.

“Simian 2.2 is the first version that will accept the Remote Gateway that allows for remote control of Simian through a Windows desktop, or with the iPad remote application to follow soon, pending Apple approval,” the manufacturer stated.

“Simian Gateway offers a TCP/IP portal into your Simian 2.2 Pro automation system for Simian Remote for PC and Simian Remote for iPad clients to connect. The Simian Gateway manages a connection to your Simian 2.2 Pro On-air or production software to Simian Remote clients on your local network, or across the Internet.”

BSI says Simian Gateway and Simian Remote clients support the ability to create and insert voice tracks remotely. Simian Remote’s voice track editor can download intro and segue cuts that the Simian Gateway creates for the songs surrounding a voice track so that the user can preview and set cross-over points for the voice track. Shown is a screenshot of the iPad Simian Remote client.

BSI is part of Cumulus Media.