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IBA Launches “Talent Available” Page

Reacts to reports of large-scale terminations

Independent Broadcasters Association, IBAThe recently formed Independent Broadcasters Association said it is taking note of the “massive terminations” in radio recently and has a new program to help.

IBA is partnering with Vipology in what they described as a rapid response opportunity for radio people losing their jobs.

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President and Executive Director Ron Stone was quoted in a press release: “We are living in the most challenging economic times since the great depression 100 years ago, literally since radio began. To see so many broadcast professionals terminated during the worst of times is hard to digest.”

IBA did not mention iHeartMedia. Recent headlines have focused on staff reductions at that company.

Vipology is the company that manages IBA’s website. Stone said the site is being tweaked “to provide opportunities for those impacted to ‘meet up’ with potential broadcasters that may either be searching for new talent or perhaps be interested in engaging these folks for tracking positions.”

Look for the Talent Available page on the site. The service is free and is not limited to IBA’s 1,300 members.

As we have reported, IBA launched recently with a focus on independent broadcasters that Stone feels tend to get left behind by large-scale industry initiatives and events that target large publicly held companies.


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