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CTA Calls for Trump, Johnson Tech Agendas

Association says tech sector should not be a “policy afterthought”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released a detailed technology agenda in the last week of June; now Consumer Technology Association CEO/President Gary Shapiro would like Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson to do the same.

“Two weeks ago, Sec. Hillary Clinton released a detailed technology and innovation agenda demonstrating her awareness of how vital our sector is to the success of the U.S. economy,” Shapiro said in a statement. “I am encouraged not only with the range of the issues she covered but an implicit awareness that our national strategy and economy require encouraging innovation through smart government strategy and free market principles.”

He called on Trump and Johnson “to follow suit and release a substantive agenda that specifically outlines their positions on technology and innovation issues.”

He said CTA is not seeking government funding but that the policies of the government should reflect “a recognition that the U.S. can and should be the world’s innovation leader.” The association, based in Arlington, Va., represents some 2,200 consumer technology companies.

Shapiro concluded his statement by saying: “The U.S. technology sector is too critical to our country’s future to be a policy afterthought.”