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Elenos Offers 5 kW Amplifier

Elenos Offers 5 kW Amplifier

The E5000C is a 5-kW amplifier comprising 10 extractable 500-W RF units. The company says features of the solid-state system are its modularity, ease and economy of maintenance, reduced size and weight, ease of installation, low running costs and reliability.
The E5000C comes in a 20-unit rack that also has space for the exciter, included in the EK5000 version. Parts such as RF modules and electronic control boards are accessible via the front panel, with rear-panel access to fans and combiners.
A design aim was to keep the cost of the unit as close as possible to that of a tube-based unit. A stated efficiency of more than 70 percent for the RF stage at 98 MHz and power gain of 150 W input per 5,000 W output help ensure low energy consumption.
The E5000C features a microprocessor that controls protections, shows operational parameters on a liquid crystal display and handles communications via a GSM modem for remote control and telemetry.
Also available from Elenos is a 3-kW E3000 system.
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