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Engineer Ken Halford Adds Producer’s Hat at ACC

Engineer Ken Halford Adds Producer's Hat at ACC

Ken Halford, chief engineer at “American Country Countdown,” is now also serving as producer for the syndicated program.
Executive Producer and host Bob Kingsley announced the promotion. Halford will work with Kingsley on the weekly show, his daily “America’s MusicMakers” and the annual “Bob Kingsley Presents” holiday specials.
Halford has been with ABC Radio Networks and ACC for 15 years. He became the primary engineer for ACC in 1992 when Kingsley produced his first digital radio special, “The Judds – from Duo to Wynonna.” He moved with Kingsley when the latter moved his studios to Dallas 10 years ago. He is also a musician who has produced and played on jingles and corporate music as well as ACC music beds.
Kingsley continues to work as executive producer.
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