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Feds Provide Early Look at Digital Alert System

Feds Provide Early Look at Digital Alert System

Early steps to building a Digital Emergency Alert System were shown this week at a Washington TV station, where government officials used a PBS network to transmit a message by satellite to a TV set and satellite radio receiver, the New York Times reported.
“Special receivers will be provided by the end of next year to most radio and television stations in large cities and to state emergency operations centers so they can automatically tap in to rebroadcast the special digital messages, which will be initiated by the federal government and distributed by PBS members,” the Times states.
We’ve reported on the plan to expand emergency alert messages to wireless devices by FEMA. The idea is to transmit text, audio or video to receiving networks comprising terrestrial radio and TV, satellite radio and TV, cable and wireless devices such as cell phones or PDAs. The project is still in its pilot phase. The story was also covered by the AP.