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Fraunhofer IIS and RFmondial Unveil RF-DAB

The new DAB monitoring receiver features Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer technology

At IBC2017, Fraunhofer IIS and RFmondial are showcasing the Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer technology as part of RFmondial’s new DAB monitoring receiver RF-DAB for transmitter, content and remote-coverage monitoring.

The Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer technology, which is integrated in the RF-DAB monitoring receiver and in RFmondial’s logging systems, enables the presentation of all DAB+ services, explains Fraunhofer IIS.

MultimediaPlayer features include support for DAB+ data services such as Dynamic Label/DL+, slideshow, Journaline text services, electronic program guide, travel and traffic information, file transmissions and playback of audio services with stereo and surround sound.

The extended professional edition of the Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer technology, integrated in RFmondial’s products, is optimized for professional DAB and DRM monitoring and archiving solutions. In addition to the features of the consumer edition, it supports digital protocols for the multiplex distribution (EDI/MDI over UDP/IP) as input sources and the decoding of IQ baseband signals, as well as the display of detailed decoder statistics.

According to Fraunhofer IIS, these statistics, collected by all receiver components, allow broadcasters to verify the transmission quality of their services by monitoring the elements carried on the various transport levels.

In addition, adds the firm, the HTML-based user interface of the MultimediaPlayer Professional technology allows for a simple graphical adjustment to and integration with the customer’s products, which can also be accessed remotely via web browser.