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GMR Offers Interim License to Radio Broadcasters

RMLC chair gets the scoop on new music rights management offer

The Radio Music License Committee had a Christmas Eve announcement for broadcasters: music rights management company Global Music Rights will offer an interim license to stations that choose to accept terms, RMLC Chairman Ed Christian wrote in a letter Dec. 24.

This interim license will provide stations that choose to accept the license will have the ability to perform GMR compositions from Jan. 1 through Sept. 30 in the U.S. and its possessions. Stations that have already entered into a license with GMR are not eligible, however.

Stations must contact GMR to determine the specific fee for that interim license, but must sign on before Jan. 31 and also pay GMR according to its terms in order to avoid copyright infringement claims by GMR for the term of the interim license.

Also, note that each party retains the right to seek a retroactive fee adjustment in future licenses or as a result of the current litigations, the letter points out.

The full terms can be read here.